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New Member Training

New Members and “New Members at Heart” (in good standing) will chart a course of discovery and explore DAR at the Chapter, State, and National levels.  This new member training course will build on the enthusiasm and excitement each of us feels when we receive our DAR membership number and want to learn as much as possible about the DAR organization. This training will allow you to discover your niche and use your talents and skillsets to become an active member of the Chapter, State and National organization.  Most importantly, you will enjoy learning at your own pace with no pressure or immediate completion deadline.

This training will be accomplished through a series of webinars, YouTube videos and “American Spirit” magazine activities to be completed at your own pace. Questionnaires along the way will help you focus on specific, important details within the webinars to heighten your interest and discovery.  There will be opportunities to “road trip” with new friends throughout the state to visit historic sites supported by the ASDAR to include Kate Duncan Smith DAR School in Grant, AL, and the Richard’s House Museum in Mobile, AL. Touring these sites will enhance your “training” and make learning fun!

Attending the Alabama Society DAR State Conference and learning the “inner workings” of the state organization will be essential to your training.  During the conference, course participants will have a special workshop or activity geared to help you on your quest. Likewise, if you are interested in attending NSDAR Continental Congress and exploring the “inner workings” of the national organization, this experience will serve to enhance your DAR spirit and inspire your continued service to the society.

Finally, prior to course graduation, you will complete an Independent Project designed to be interesting and fun while strengthening your DAR experience and compelling you to maintain an active status on a consistent basis. You may even earn a pin or a state or national award!

Completion of the course will be a grand accomplishment.  A “graduation” ceremony, complete with a certificate of completion, will mark the end of your quest. Contact to begin your DAR adventure!