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Capstone Project

The idea for the Capstone Project is simple: to get the New Horizons Course participant to demonstrate her leadership capabilities by taking an active role in a chapter or state project. Capstone projects could include but are not limited to marking a Revolutionary War patriot’s grave, organizing a cemetery or park clean-up day with the local Children of the American Revolution Society, conducting a wreath laying ceremony at a veteran’s grave for Memorial Day or Veterans Day, conducting a clothing or food drive for local veterans or active duty military, and so on. Your Capstone Project must be approved in advance by your state’s New Horizons Course Coordinator.

The Capstone Project must be completed before Graduation. Once the Project is completed, write a brief narrative description of the project; discuss your expectations and whether or not they were met; discuss what you could have included to make it a better experience; discuss how the project was included the DAR mission objectives; and how it involved and was beneficial to your chapter.

Capstone Project Ideas

Capstone Project Evaluation